A Decade of Dedication to Quality of Experience

When we launched Netell in 2002, we could see that the residents of Sao Paulo wanted reliable access to internet services. Businesses and consumers wanted to get online and we wanted to serve local demand.

Our approach was pretty simple, we offered affordable internet access that helped more people get online and enjoy the internet. The opportunity was to focus on giving people what they want and ensuring that we deliver the best quality of experience possible.

As our business continued to grow, we began to look at how we could get more people online and join the boom in Brazil’s ICT sector. We wanted to have a bigger impact beyond our corner of Sao Paulo and what we found was that the fastest way to make a difference was through focusing on network infrastructure and enabling quality of experience through a high-performance backbone network.

We could see that across Brazil access and transport networks needed to be more reliable, more customer-focused and overall they just needed to be more dependable. That was the catalyst for Netell’s evolution from an ISP into a leading backbone network provider in Brazil.

Today we are helping all kinds of customers grow their businesses in Brazil. Netell works with local operators and enterprises all the way through to the largest Telecom carriers in the world.

From our days as an ISP in Sao Paulo to connecting 40 PoPs across Brazil, we have remained focused on the same things: customer satisfaction, simplicity and delivering quality of experience.

The market in Brazil has changed a lot over the last decade and I believe that if we stay committed to these same things, Netell will be prepared for the next ten years and beyond.

We’ve always done things a bit differently and I think that is what has separated us from other network providers. We’re proactive and look for where we can have the biggest impact and more than anything we deliver for our customers.

Wagner Rapchan

Chief Executive Officer
Netell Telecom